113 - What are the paid antiviruses
The antiviruses

What are the paid antiviruses

1. Dr. Web (Dr. Web 7) is one of the first anti-virus programs on our market. First of all, there is an excellent scanner, optimized for any multi-core processors and the use of high-technology treatment already infected with computer viruses (active) computer. The system of automatic blocking is used in case of collision with suspicious programs, even if they are still in the archives. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for a novice user to understand the program settings. The interface itself is still for many years does not change its classic appearance, which by our standards can be described as modest. Another significant disadvantage is the lack of a standard package of anti-spam module, which has to be purchased separately.

2. Antivirus ESET NOD 32 – is a very well-known among domestic Internet users software. The main distinguishing feature of it – low consumption of system resources, which does not affect its effectiveness as an antivirus. The level of high protection is still maintained. In the presence here and the option of advanced heuristics, blocking still unknown to the program computer threats, and the system of protection of such a data connection as Wi-Fi. This wonderful program is capable of in-depth analysis of your computer and quickly identifies a variety of unwanted processes that can subsequently lead to serious problems. There is a module of constant updating of databases, anti-spam. Anti-virus works at high speed. In General, this program does not have any serious drawbacks in all the main parameters of operation.

Картинки по запросу antivirus

3. Abroad is very popular security product from Norton Int. Security. The program supports several classic modules (Insight, Sonar 4) and uses a number of software protection technologies developed by the manufacturer, which have received more than one positive assessment in the form of awards and reviews in world-famous specialized publications. It is worth highlighting the advantages of the technology of pulse update of the anti-virus database and the presence of a two-way firewall. At the same time, all these options do not affect the operation of RAM, because its consumption remains low. It is especially effective for working in the information web through the use of built-in browser modules to check interactive links on the Internet, that is, their reputation. The interface itself is recognized as very convenient. It is worth mentioning the e-mail verification system and the so-called “parental control”module. This program allows you to protect yourself from third parties access to your confidential information during the implementation of online purchases. In General, the obvious drawbacks in this software has not yet been identified.

4. The development of BitDefender anti-virus software is well known. This program is considered by some to be one of the best in this segment. This is due to its performance and good performance of computer protection against attacks of malicious software viruses and other things. In the software package are efficient modules of anti-spyware, anti-spam and system lock phishing. The only drawback here can be called a hefty increase in the load on the processor and other system resources during the scan, especially selective.

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