117 - Game console as a gift: What to buy?

Game console as a gift: What to buy?

What to buy as a gift for the New year: Xbox? PlayStation? Nintendo? We evaluate their pros and cons.

Game console — a great gift for the New year or Christmas. However, if you come to the store, you will realize that the console are very different — PlayStation Sony, Xbox manufactured by Microsoft, and yet there is Nintendo, gave us not only the game about Super Mario, but all sorts of Donkey Kong, Legend Of Zelda. So what to choose?

In fact, the choice is not obvious, and therefore do not expect that there is any one universal answer, a sort of ideal. He’s gone. Each game console is a separate world and there are differences not only in exclusive games. Choosing a console, you choose an ecosystem, which you will then equip year after year. Since we are writing a recommendation for choosing a gift — focus on who this gift is intended for. And also on your financial capabilities, of course.

For all family

Here’s no options — Nintendo. If you want to play with the whole family (you can give something to the child, but suddenly the father and mother will also be interested?), then do not hesitate to look on the shelf console Wii U (Wii U, not Wii).

On Wii U you will find the most games for the company. Games for four people — a common thing, for five — also happens, for eight… Yes,there are some! Of course, we must remember that each person will need a gamepad — and this, to be honest, you can even go bankrupt. However, Wii U is cheaper than PlayStation and Xbox, as well as games for it. Nintendo gets the money accessories.Nintendo Wii U game console with its proprietary Wii U Game Pad controller
Typically, games for four require four Wii Remote controllers, preferably with an additional accessory Nunchuck. By the way, if you have ever had a Wii, you should know that the Wii U is fully backwards compatible. All games (on discs) and accessories are compatible with the Wii U. Perhaps you even lying around these gamepads somewhere on the mezzanine — do not have to buy new ones.

It is also important to know that some games — for example, Tekken — require special gamepads, Wii U Controller Pro. But games that need a gamepad for multiplayer, very little. Although if you give the console is not himself and not a member of his family, and someone else, the purchase of additional accessories will have their problem.

The advantage of Wii U is not only that you can always find what to play with a group of friends, but also that you can not worry about what games your child plays in your absence. First, the vast majority of games are rated “E” — Everyone, i.e. they are for everyone. And not because it’s some children’s games that an adult is not interested in playing (not at all!), but because there is a minimum of violence — there is no blood, no guts, no Matyuk and all sorts of stories with drugs (in fact, the game with a rating of 18+ is, but they are few, and they are on the Wii U is not “much more interesting” games with a rating of “E”).

Second, the Wii U clearly records who, when, what game, and how much time was played. Just go to the statistics and see, in addition, for each family member, you can configure your user and put a password.

Mario Kart 8 (arcade action race) — the best game for Wii U

By the way, six months later, in March 2017, Nintendo is going to release a new console — Nintendo Switch. It is not yet known whether it will have backward compatibility with the Wii U (previously backward compatibility with the previous console has always been the main feature of Nintendo), but the idea of making games for all the company will not leave.


– for the whole family;

– backward compatible with Wii (which was more popular than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 combined);

– relatively low price of games;

– you can easily keep track of what and how many children play;

– a lot of exclusive games in 60 FPS (high frame rate — for those in the subject).


– soon to come successor — Switch;

– there are many modern multiplatform games (Watch Dogs — is, Watch Dogs 2 — is not, GTA — not at all, Assasin’s Creed — maximum 4th);

– in most games, the resolution is 720p.

Conclusion: the console for the whole family or a group of friends, the game which captures the gameplay in the first place.

For hardcore gamers, streamers… and for virtual reality

118 300x147 - Game console as a gift: What to buy?If the recipient of the gift is a hardcore player, buy him a PC, because he probably wants to have all the most-the most, even if the differences from competitors are minimal and they can be seen only in a magnifying glass. To date, the most-most console — PlayStation 4 Pro. She has the most powerful “iron.” In addition, PlayStation is the only one of the consoles that has a working and already available VR-solution. Sony’s virtual reality helmet is called PlayStation VR. And it works only with PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro.

Let’s first look at the model line PS4. So, first Sony released the PS4 console. Actually, by the time it was released it was the most powerful console on the market: 1.8 TFlops — this is the performance of the graphics subsystem. Then came PS4 Slim — the performance is the same as PS4, but the size of it is smaller, as well as reduced power consumption and noise. It is worth noting that the latter is important — the first version of the PS4 on the “heavy” games often imitated the rise of “Boeing 747”.

Then Sony released PS4 Pro — console that supports 4K resolution in games. For the sake of truth, the real 4K resolution on PS4 Pro is only at primitive a dozen arcades, a couple of re-mastering Yes football simulation. The rest of the games are in a resolution of less than 4K, and the cunning apskeyl “reaches” the picture. It turns out, however, is still clearer than with Full HD. And if the house has a 4K TV — PS4 Pro will be the best option.

As for virtual reality, you can believe that PS VR is one of the best helmets. The only thing for VR requires well, very,very high power, and therefore even PS4 (and even PS4 Pro) in the helmet shows a picture still worse than on the TV. But VR is a completely new experience from games that you have never experienced before!

Game console as a gift: What to buy?

PS VR virtual reality helmet

There is, however, one snag. To achieve all the most-most you have to spend a lot of money and buy a lot of accessories: the very PlayStation 4 (or PS4 Pro — if you want the maximum), helmet PS VR, PlayStation camera, without which PS VR does not work. And it is desirable to have a pair of controllers PS Move — with them to play some games for PS VR is much more convenient than with the standard controller DualShock 4. Total pull on 80 thousand. RUB. — although not yet counted the game itself 4K TV.

And now, finally, about the main thing: the PlayStation 4 is the most convenient console to streamer and it works. No external PC, capture cards, etc. Only the console itself and the PlayStation camera. Just by pressing two buttons, you can stream games on Twitch, YouTube, DailyMotion, and the process of recording game videos and screenshots is as simple as it is and the publication of all this in social networks.

Uncharted 4 — the best game for PlayStation 4

– the most productive console on the market;

– virtual reality on consoles here and now;

– useful for streamer and it works;

– of the three PS4/Xbox One/Wii U — the best selling (ie maximum players in multiplayer);

– for its performance — very compact;

– can replace the built-in HDD (faster SSD or larger HDD) without loss of warranty.


– few really perfect exclusive games;

– a lot of games like “blood-guts-separation-heads»;

– few (number tends to zero) games for the company;

– high price, especially the kit with PS VR.

Conclusions: console for hardcore single player who likes to cut heads and look at pixels under a magnifying glass.

Just a good and inexpensive console

Yes, globally Microsoft has now lost the “battle of consoles”. Xbox One bought three times fewer people than the PlayStation 4. That must be really bad. As saying… Due to this, and the fact that a new version — Xbox One S (it will also be presented), the original Xbox One is much cheaper. Recently, one store generally offered Xbox One with the latest battlefield 1 game for the price… about 16 thousand rubles.

Is this an unprofitable offer? Of course, profitable! If the one to whom you have not made a gift, not chasing all the most-the most, the Xbox One — a good option. Yes, we must admit, this console is less productive than PS4, which is easy to notice. In some games, the Xbox One has a lower resolution: 900p vs. 1080p on PS4 or 720p vs. 900p on PS4, in others — just a little less detail. However, there are many games that look and work identical versions on PS4.

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