115 - Features of free antivirus
The antiviruses

Features of free antivirus

1. Comodo is considered to be one of the most effective free anti-virus software on the market. The program is able to sift and automatically block any suspicious actions of malicious computer programs up to the ban. Databases, despite the free distribution of the program, are updated with enviable efficiency. The main disadvantage of the described program is the absence of the classic for paid versions of the components, and in General the program does not consume a lot of energy and is easy to operate. It can be completely recommended for home use.

2. Antivirus Avira, that is, its free Lite version for home, so to speak, the application also has its fans. There are modules for scanning files for malware, however, there is no firewall. This makes it necessary to use extraneous firewalls, if you often have to wander in the vast Internet web. This package provides the option of automatic constant updating of anti-virus database data.

Картинки по запросу antivirus

3. Avast seventh is also represented by a free version of the antivirus program. The advantage of this version – the presence of a powerful anti-virus engine. This allows you to scan with enviable efficiency, protecting your computer from malware-related problems. The anti-virus database is updated daily. Among the weaknesses of this software can be identified such classic for free versions, as the lack of a firewall. Still, using the complex, foreign firewalls, this program can be used with high efficiency, especially when it comes to home use. In this case, it can even compete with some paid versions of well-known manufacturers of anti-virus programs.

Installation and registration of free avast antivirus

This is not the whole list of existing software solutions in the market in the field of anti-virus software. It’s hard to argue with the fact that paid versions are more reliable than free. It is life and for all quality and effective it is necessary to pay. On the other hand, it is simply unacceptable to leave a computer without anti-virus protection in the current conditions. This sooner or later will cause problems with the operation of the computer or theft of some important confidential data from your PC. Walking on the Internet, you need to be vigilant and not fall for a variety of cunning tricks of computer scams. Good luck and smooth service to your PC!

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