• Andoid antivirus
    The antiviruses

    Andoid antivirus

    Every owner of a modern gadget that cares about the protection of their data, should think about a good antivirus. In this article we will talk about the most effective and high-quality antivirus for Android devices. All applications presented on this page can be downloaded for free from Google Play and do not worry about the safety of your data.

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    The antiviruses

    Types of antivirus software

    Software-detectors (scanners) – designed to detect specific viruses. Based on the comparison of the characteristic (specific) sequence of bytes (signatures or masks of viruses) contained in the body of the virus, with the bytes of the checked programs. These programs need to be updated regularly as they quickly become obsolete and cannot detect new types of viruses. If the program is not recognized by the detector as infected, it does not mean that it is “healthy”. It could contain a virus that’s not in the detector’s database.

  • 113 - What are the paid antiviruses
    The antiviruses

    What are the paid antiviruses

    1. Dr. Web (Dr. Web 7) is one of the first anti-virus programs on our market. First of all, there is an excellent scanner, optimized for any multi-core processors and the use of high-technology treatment already infected with computer viruses (active) computer. The system of automatic blocking is used in case of collision with suspicious programs, even if they are still in the archives. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for a novice user to understand the program settings. The interface itself is still for many years does not change its classic appearance, which by our standards can be described as modest. Another significant disadvantage is the lack of a…

  • 115 - Features of free antivirus
    The antiviruses

    Features of free antivirus

    1. Comodo is considered to be one of the most effective free anti-virus software on the market. The program is able to sift and automatically block any suspicious actions of malicious computer programs up to the ban. Databases, despite the free distribution of the program, are updated with enviable efficiency. The main disadvantage of the described program is the absence of the classic for paid versions of the components, and in General the program does not consume a lot of energy and is easy to operate. It can be completely recommended for home use.