Bullet train

Bullet train

In Japan, testing a train that develops speed up to 400 kilometers per hour.  Now ALFA-X is being tested on the railway track at night twice a week. Now the development is at the testing stage. This publication reports Bloomberg.

“Bullet train” called ALFA-X will be the fastest operating train in the world.

Now the development is at the testing stage. This publication reports Bloomberg.

Japan has a high-speed railway network connecting most of the country’s cities. It is called “Shinkansen”. It moves high-speed trains, which are dubbed “bullet trains” because of the shape of their nose fairing. The speed limit of such transport is limited by the characteristics of the railway. At present, the highest speed allowed for trains is 320 km/h.

Bullet train - 2

However, by 2020, the government of Japan plans to increase the permissible speed on one of the branches of the highway to 360 km/h. Trains capable of reaching this limit already exist, but more advanced technologies are needed to further increase the speed.

The new “bullet train”, the speed of which, according to calculations, can reach 400 km/h, was named ALFA-X (Advanced Labs for Frontline Activity in Rail eXperimentation). The nose of the locomotive has a streamlined shape and protrudes as much as 22 meters in front of the driver’s cab.

Although testing of the technology has already begun, the new train will be put into operation only in 2030 due to the difficulties of its implementation in the existing transport system of Japan. But in 2027, the government also plans to open a highway between Tokyo and Nagoya, which will move Maglev — trains on a magnetic cushion. Therefore, there is a high probability that ALFA-X will not be the fastest train in the Japanese transport network.

For the summer Olympics 2020, which will take Tokyo, the Japanese had developed a new generation of “Singhasana” train N700S (Supreme), characterized by a revolutionary design.Now the head section is somewhat similar to the car, and pronounced front wings are needed to improve aerodynamics. Curiously, the new train will be shorter than the existing versions, as it consists of 12 cars instead of 16. At the same time, the creators promise a higher level of comfort, and also guarantee that the N700S (Supreme) is quieter and more economical than its predecessors. The maximum speed continues to 300-320 km/h

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