Why and why the transition to digital technology is needed

Know About Instagram Accounts For Sale
Whether your business is flourishing in the global ground or national market, still Instagram is the best way beneficial for your business. Well, Instagram is the wide platform where the expert marketers are providing their services to the customers. They are making the most among the customers. However, those are having the Instagram business platform but not using it is doing the big mistake. No matter if you are not using that Instagram accounts for sale for your personal life, this will...
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What are Computer-Assisted Surgical Systems
Different sorts of PC helped cautious systems can be used for pre-usable orchestrating, cautious course and to help with performing medical procedures. Precisely helped cautious (RAS) devices are one sort of PC helped cautious system. From time to time insinuated as robotized restorative strategy, RAS devices engage the authority to use PC and programming development to control and move cautious instruments through at any rate one minor passage focuses on the patient's body (inconsequential...
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New advances will happen later on the medicinal field!
New ailments As to progress, there is always a danger for the ascent of so far darken illnesses and conditions. New sorts of contaminations will show up as a result of the over the top usage of PC produced reality courses of action in gaming and various endeavors including human administrations. PC created reality as a development of online activity and particularly that of gaming may moreover cause reliance. Ongoing diagnostics The keen cautious cutting edge (iKnife) was made by Zoltan...
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Five propelled advancements and innovations going to happen in medical procedures!
As there are such a noteworthy number of shocking things going on worldwide in drug and social protection, a shortlist of indisputably the most unmistakable contemplations and upgrades would give us an investigate the inevitable destiny of solution. It is continually a test to distinguish the undertakings with the best potential to be used in standard remedial practices, yet here are the most reassuring plausibility for fulfilling this idea. Here are the five future helpful headways. 1)...
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The eventual fate of innovation in learning field: models and conceivable outcomes
Online networking in training – enable students and teachers to post contemplations, thoughts, and remarks in an intelligent learning condition. Additionally, Students can pursue influencers and gain from their posts. Ipads and PCs – innovation enables Students to be increasingly dependable. Owning their own gadget or obtaining the school's gadgets offers Students the chance to improve their basic leadership abilities just as taking responsibility for important and as a rule costly gadget. ...
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Data and medical records with technology – are they safe?
Enormous Data and The Cloud - Medical Records 'Enormous Data' is the trendy expression of the advanced age, and regularly interweaved with electronic wellbeing records. The term alludes to colossal measures of information which are gathered, prepared, and utilized for examination. At the point when examined by information specialists, this data has numerous advantages, for example, Diminishing social insurance costs Foreseeing scourges Maintaining a strategic distance from preventable...
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Essential tips to follow to buy proxy
Are you thinking what the need of buying proxies is? There are various reasons to buy it. You may wish to surf the web without getting detected and so you want to buy proxies. Or you want to do some severe scraping and so you need proxies. Also, to get the past geolocation restriction you may require proxies. So, you see there are plenty of reasons for buy proxy. It is not easy to get the best proxy. Here we have given on some tips to pick up the best proxy. Tips to choose the right proxy ...
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Online poker and its history
Our site offers poker lessons just for the Internet. Therefore, we will make a small review of the history of online poker. We live in a time of change. And these changes are not spared and poker. In 1998, the first poker room Planet Poker appeared. online-poker the first, but not the best – the game is constantly accompanied by technical problems. It was followed by a more successful competitor - Paradise Poker. But the real rise of online poker began in 2001 with the advent of PokerStars....
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Andoid antivirus
Every owner of a modern gadget that cares about the protection of their data, should think about a good antivirus. In this article we will talk about the most effective and high-quality antivirus for Android devices. All applications presented on this page can be downloaded for free from Google Play and do not worry about the safety of your data. Antivirus for Android is a special program (application) to protect your device from malware. The term "malware" refers to all possible types of...
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Game console as a gift: What to buy?
What to buy as a gift for the New year: Xbox? PlayStation? Nintendo? We evaluate their pros and cons. Game console — a great gift for the New year or Christmas. However, if you come to the store, you will realize that the console are very different — PlayStation Sony, Xbox manufactured by Microsoft, and yet there is Nintendo, gave us not only the game about Super Mario, but all sorts of Donkey Kong, Legend Of Zelda. So what to choose? In fact, the choice is not obvious, and therefore do...
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Types of antivirus software
Software-detectors (scanners) – designed to detect specific viruses. Based on the comparison of the characteristic (specific) sequence of bytes (signatures or masks of viruses) contained in the body of the virus, with the bytes of the checked programs. These programs need to be updated regularly as they quickly become obsolete and cannot detect new types of viruses. If the program is not recognized by the detector as infected, it does not mean that it is "healthy". It could contain a virus...
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What are the paid antiviruses
1. Dr. Web (Dr. Web 7) is one of the first anti-virus programs on our market. First of all, there is an excellent scanner, optimized for any multi-core processors and the use of high-technology treatment already infected with computer viruses (active) computer. The system of automatic blocking is used in case of collision with suspicious programs, even if they are still in the archives. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for a novice user to understand the program settings. The interface...
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Features of free antivirus
1. Comodo is considered to be one of the most effective free anti-virus software on the market. The program is able to sift and automatically block any suspicious actions of malicious computer programs up to the ban. Databases, despite the free distribution of the program, are updated with enviable efficiency. The main disadvantage of the described program is the absence of the classic for paid versions of the components, and in General the program does not consume a lot of energy and is easy...
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Organization of banking services via the Internet
The emergence of remote banking technologies has become the basis for Internet banking. Internet-banking is a remote banking service that allows the client to receive banking services at a distance with the help of information computer technologies. By types of access to banking services can be identified such varieties of Internet banking: telephone banking; computer banking; Internet banking; video banking; digital TV banking. Types of Internet banking systems can be...
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Internet-trading as a specific type of service
Internet-trading is the provision of financial institutions services for the effective use of financial instruments in the financial markets with the help of information and communication technologies. Such services are provided by an intermediary (brokerage company or Bank) and allow the client to carry out transactions of purchase and sale of financial assets in the financial markets and to form its own investment portfolio. The main advantage of Internet-trading as a specific type of...
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Bullet train
In Japan, testing a train that develops speed up to 400 kilometers per hour. Now ALFA-X is being tested on the railway track at night twice a week. Now the development is at the testing stage. This publication reports Bloomberg. "Bullet train" called ALFA-X will be the fastest operating train in the world. Now the development is at the testing stage. This publication reports Bloomberg. Japan has a high-speed railway network connecting most of the country's cities. It is called...
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Information technology system
This is a specialized part of the system of higher level which implements the processes of gathering, processing, storage, transmission of data to users created with the aim of ensuring the effectiveness of the implementation of the information functions in a given subject area, and which consists of the interacting functions of the following subsystems: technological - it language tools, it methodological support, technological environment: scenarios and diagrams, regulations; methods...
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Electronic insurance services
The objects of purchase and sale in the insurance electronic market are specific products - electronic insurance services. Electronic insurance is a system of measures aimed at full or partial compensation of losses from certain risks through the use of information computer technologies. It is a relationship for the protection of individuals or legal entities in the event of insured events at the expense of cash funds formed from the insurance premiums paid by them, the implementation and...
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Sony has developed a flexible battery with a solid electrolyte
If smartphones revealed "problem batteries", the growing popularity of wearable gadgets, this problem was exacerbated. Alas, the battery capacity is not enough for a truly comfortable use of mobile and wearable devices. Electronics developers and manufacturers understand the depth of the problem, but batteries improve very slowly. Time after time, we hear the request to wait a few more years. That's Sony, which last week at the 56th Symposium "Battery" showed an interesting prototype of the...
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Tasks of modern transport
The world requirements of consumption of goods are realized through the control system of flow processes, where the implementation of material, human, partially energy flows is assigned to transport. The ideology of the future world as a sustainable development requires global harmonization of these processes with the purpose of minimization of expenses of energy, resources, ecological load on the environment. An important role in this structure is assigned to logistics as a science of...
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Never since the First industrial revolution in the eighteenth century have technology played such an important role in people’s lives and economic activities. The latest wave of new digital technologies includes the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, digital immersive environment, cloud computing, cybersecurity, big data Analytics and machine learning.

Proposed in 2010 by the German government, the term “industry 4.0” — or the fourth industrial revolution — means the most advanced tools with advanced logic and automated methods for creating, storing and using data that hold tremendous opportunities to improve the efficiency of industrial and economic activities. Let’s take a closer look at some examples of such technologies and how they help to optimize production processes.

Environment immersion: fostering cooperation and reducing the risks

Given the very close entry into the market of products such as Oculus Rift from Facebook and Holo-lens from Microsoft, as well as Apple’s announcement of the beginning of intensive work on virtual reality technologies, the method of immersion environment has every chance to become the next largest technology platform. Operations services can interact with a programmable model that will respond to conditions in the same way as their object, thus enabling organizations to test high-risk scenarios and understand how to mitigate risks without jeopardizing the real object.

Virtual models are very useful for companies that have several simultaneously functioning objects, as they allow teams on these objects to cooperate with each other remotely with greater efficiency. In organizations with high reliability requirements, the area of risk is personnel training — immersion environments completely transform the process of instructing employees before they enter the high-risk area, and thus significantly reduce the risk of serious injury and industrial accident.

Artificial intelligence: the liberation of the people

120 300x135 - Why and why the transition to digital technology is neededWhat is artificial intelligence? In simple words, the term “artificial intelligence” refers to the machines, able to perform tasks which usually previously required human intervention, for example, decision-making, taking into account all available information. However, instead of displacing people, artificial intelligence is more likely to free people, increasing overall efficiency and allowing them to move on to other, more interesting tasks.

For example, Siemens has an automated factory where the lights are turned off completely at night. But much less media coverage of the fact that to support the operations of the plant used the work of more than 1,000 employees. So, instead of being a normal addition, “reasonable” automation today fundamentally changes our understanding of the structure of it systems. More and more tools are being created that, by serving as a new foundational layer of it architecture, increase the complexity of machine intelligence in learning and decision making.

Machine learning: new approaches to data organization

What can you say about an advanced machine learning? This is where deep neural networks (STS, a set of algorithms that mimic human recognition of sensory data sets) far surpass the classical computational process and information management techniques to create systems capable of self-learning and knowledge of the world. Due to the rapid increase in data sources in the industrial environment and the high level of complexity of the information obtained, manual classification and analysis become impractical and more costly. STS automate these tasks and address the most significant issues related to the development of the “Internet of everything”.

The Internet of everything: data becomes meaningful

Today, the world has moved from the Internet of things to the “Internet of everything”: everything that produces, uses and transmits information on an electronic network. In addition to text, sound and visual data, the Internet will be enriched with sensory and contextual information. The “Internet of everything” refers to this information flow through strategies and technologies that link data from different sources. But what is the main benefit? If this information existed before, it was fragmented, incomplete, inaccessible, or incomprehensible, making it useless. Progress in the use of semantic tools such as graph databases and other advanced data classification models and information analysis technologies will make it possible to extract more sense from the stunning information flows.

Energy-saving technologies: growth of economy from year to year

In the industrial sector, energy accounts for about 15 per cent of current expenditure. Optimization of performance can reduce this parameter by 10-20 percent, while investments in energy-saving technologies can reduce it by almost half, which is already a significant saving. For example, the cost of environmental controls in clean production facilities can be reduced by 20-50 percent of the original energy consumption. Most of these technologies are already available — now it’s up to companies to understand which ones are best suited for their business, how to implement them correctly and how to ensure their continuous development to continuously increase savings. These technologies include inter-industry systems for monitoring and controlling energy consumption, smart grids and in-depth data analysis, as well as special technologies such as evaporative cooling systems in advanced industries used to control air humidity.

What to consider before investing in digital technology

Before you decide which technologies will give a greater return on investment, you should think about this:

Technology, however advanced, has its limitations. It is very important to critically assess the limits of technological capabilities in order to set high but realistic goals.
First, perform a deep statistical analysis, and then make a decision; estimate the ratio between such components as the result, energy consumption and environmental impact.
A combination of factors such as changes in thinking, behaviour and management systems will provide the best possible effect from the application of the technology.